Client Testimonials:

"Ishil is one of the most loving, nurturing, positive people that I have ever met. She both inspires you to feel that you can achieve your goals, and calms you to feel grounded, like everything has its purpose and all can be overcome. Every time I cross paths with Ishil I leave our encounter feeling renewed and empowered. She shines with love and beauty through and through." (Kelly T.)

"Ishil’s consistent accuracy and ability to delve into a situation using her developed intuition allows one to really look deeply into the blocks that needs to clear. I always leave knowing that something big has shifted, and since she is able to give you answers to your questions, she gives you the opportunity of being so much more aware of the patterns that have been holding you back. Ishil’s approach is always from love and respect, honoring each individual regardless of their journey. I am blessed to know such a great spirit." (Tara A.)

“I was initially very skeptical about a session with Ishil because I am a Christian. I was afraid it would be contradictory to my belief in Christ or dilute His power in some way. But I was surprised at how empowered I felt after Ishil discerned the blocks that were in the way of my movement into a positive future. She cleared most of them and told me what I had to do to clear the rest. It worked! During and after both sessions I felt a clearing in my soul, all the while I focused on God's power and His love for me. And during the second session, Ishil brought me to the edge of the Spirit world! It was a fantastic experience and one that did not at all contradict or dilute Christ's power. Quite the contrary, I got to know Him better.” (Deborah H.)

"Ishil is a beautiful person with an amazing gift, and I can not begin to describe how much she has changed my life. I am so impressed with her abilities, that I have sent every one of my close friends and family to see her. She is truly amazing and I am so thankful for having met her.” (Paige)

“Ishil is a gifted and a generous healer. My first visit to her was a truly transcendental and life changing experience. A warm effervescent and sympathetic personality combined with an innate ability to draw on considerable power cast her uniquely as a truly effective holistic therapist. My recommendation goes without saying.” (Frank K.)

“I found my sessions with Ishil to be emotional; physically, mentally and spiritually balancing and calming, leaving me feeling clear and energized. Ishil has an amazing intuitive ability, which enables her to pick up on key areas of concern, and focus on healing and re-balancing energy into them. She has a gentle non-invasive approach combined with clarity and professionalism. I recommend Ishil’s approach in particular for concerns ranging from flu, cold, and fatigue symptoms, to emotional or mental clutter, to physical ailments and restrictions.” (Monica C.)

Long Distance Sessions:

"I have had sessions with Shamans and Reiki masters, but I was very skeptical doing a long distance session. With that said and the information quantum physics provides us with today, I decided to take a chance and I’m so glad I did! I noticed a definite shift right away and ISHIL also pinpointed my blocks that nobody knew but me. I have to say my life is going in a different direction today." (Joseph)

"I had an investment in a house that was draining me emotionally, mentally and financially. Ishil did some work on me and did it long distance because I was not able to find time to meet up with her in person. I began to feel different about it shortly after Ishil had done her work and within a month and a half, the sale of the house was in process and shortly after that I sold the house! It was a bumpy ride but the outcome was such an incredible relief! I am so grateful for Ishil and the work that she does, I come back every so often and get refreshed and re-energized and cleansed by Ishil and her beautiful, loving energy and work!" (S.K.M)

"I've had two long distance readings with Ishil and found them to be insightful, informative and life changing. I did notice a positive shift in my energy and my thinking after speaking with her and the most wonderful thing about Ishil's service is Ishil herself. Even though she is long distance, you leave a reading feeling like you've have spoken to a dear friend who cares deeply about your well being. She is truly a wonderful spirit and I am happy to have made her my friend." (Ingrid)

"My wife (who has had many sessions, both in person and distance with Ishil) recommended that I try a remote session when I was in a period of big change in my life. Having never met Ishil, I was a bit skeptical, but my wife's strong recommendation won out. My experience though, was really great. I definitly felt a serious impact from my session and it really helped me move forward in my life in both concrete and abstract ways." (J.E)

"Meeting Ishil by chance – best guided by my Spirit ~ I felt her open and loving heart – there was no need to convince me without words to try also a long distance session from Austria. Having passed a long way to understand my total avoidance to open myself to a partnership, her session via skype/internet opened my heart and spirit to experiences from former lives. This was indeed a deep revelation to old patterns in my life! – followed by weeks of healing of my closed heart. Thank you!" (Markus B.)

"My long distance soul balancing session with Ishil was very powerful. Ishil is a very clear channel and was very accurate when it came to identifying my blocks to expression. As a result of the clearing that occurred during the session, I could feel the subtle shifts in my being on all levels. It is, as if a powerful intention was set to clear the blocks of expression, making way for a much more freer and expansive life. I have more clarity and it feels as my life is opening up." (A.G.)

"I participated in Ishil's long distance program and it worked so well that I can not even remember why I thought I had problems at the time. Really powerful work! She is a real Angel." (Allan)