Congratulations! You are finally here.
You are here because you are ready to claim your power and divinity;

You are here because you are ready to see and embrace your part in the big picture;

You are here because you are willing to step out of the illusion and claim your purpose;

You are here because you are ready to reveal who you truly are to the rest of the world, and take responsibility in creating your own reality.


Getting there: 

Channeling direct guidance from your High Self, treatments are designed to focus on each individual’s soul path, identifying new ways to clear obstacles which stand in the way to true empowerment and clarity. This method of therapy is offered to help you create a life filled with purpose and to align your soul with a reality that is uniquely yours. Soul Purpose Alignment is an extremely beneficial therapy. It is designed to help you transform your life with the direct guidance from within. It is especially beneficial for the ones whom are ready to embrace the “change” within and outside of themselves; who are willing to look at the layers that come up as an opportunity to move forward simply because it is TIME.

Sessions are delivered in person or via the long distance method as they both create equally powerful outcomes resulting in change and much needed transformation.

ISHIL's long distance readings are available to anyone in the world as your reading and clearing will be recorded and e-mailed to you as a sound file or sent in a detailed e-mail after it's completed. You will resonate with and feel the shift instantly followed by the new grounded REALITY you have just initiated which you can apply to all levels of your life whereever you reside with gusto and manifesto.

In person sessions are done in a fashion where both the therapist and the client are comfortably sitting across the table in a safe and sacred space created and held in high vibration to help you connect with your own wisdom to look at the issues your High Self is ready to reveal in that specific moment to YOU; for you to create the much needed “change” since the OLD no longer works for you.

Session Fees:
Individual and Long Distance Soul Purpose Alignment Sessions are about an hour and a half long and cost $150 per session. Clients are requested to make an online payment for their session in advance on this link or provide cash payment at the time of their appointment in person. Paypal payment method is offered for online payments which accept most major credit cards on their secure site. All credit card and Paypal payments should be received at least 24 hours in advance of the session. Please kindly contact ISHIL to cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for a missed session since your unwanted session time will likely be filled by someone else on the waiting list. The more notice you can give, the better it is.

In addition to individual sessions, ISHIL also offers
couples sessions in order to give light into your connection with your loved ones to help you both understand and resolve any conflict or charge, and to help you gain insight on the issues that might be resulting from past life experiences or certain imprints created between the two of you on High Self level. By having both parties sit in and by assisting you to connect to the TRUTH of your High Selves we discover those layers which need attention from a spiritual point of view and bring understanding and compassion to situations which may have been puzzling for everyone involved. Couples, friends, parents and children, siblings and business partners are welcome! These sessions usually last a little longer and cost $200 US per session followed by powerful outcomes and clarity.

To inquire more about the details  and for your questions please feel free to e-mail It is no accident you are HERE at this time. I honor your intent and look forward to initiating your new reality with you.

May you always stay in LOVE and in JOY.

Namaste and many blessings.

"Together we can understand what the Creator meant for us to do" ~ George Goodstriker from Native Wisdom.